6 comments on “2012-13 Fantasy Basketball Top 200 v4.0

  1. 16 team, h2h 9 cat :
    - Jrue
    - Klay
    - Lillard
    - MKG
    - Cousins
    - Blake Griffin
    - JJ Hickson
    - Kawhi Leonard
    - Taj
    - Mullens
    - Jeff Green

    any comment, guys? By the way thanks for the v4.0

    Cheers !!!!

  2. Got a bit of a situation in my weekly h2h league. I astutely drafted Rubio to stash for future use. This was going well until some idiot decided to drop John Wall today (in favor of picking up Ray Allen, lol!). So i’m posed with this decision: do i drop my injury backup guard JR Smith to pick up Wall? That would leave me with Rubio AND Wall as 2 of my 3 bench spots, with Asik my 3rd option (he’s my injury backup F). If one of my starting Gs got hurt, I’d need to drop Asik to get a healthy G, and just hope that one of my Fs doesn’t also get hurt!

    What to do, gents?!

    ps: i’ll likely not get Wall, as I’m 9th of 12 teams in the waiver order, but i imagine it’s worth a go, eh?

    • Hey conrad, yeh i would totally drop jr smith. he gives you points and threes, and if someelse picks up wall you dont lose out. You could always stash wall and either trade him or rubio to get something you need.

  3. Thoughts on this offer?

    His Dirk, Pau Gasol and AK47 for my K.Love/Isaih Thomas and Bismack!

    My team as of now is:

    PG Jrue Holiday (Phi – PG)
    SG Andre Iguodala (Den – SG,SF)
    G Raymond Felton (NY – PG,SG)
    SF Michael Beasley (Pho – SF,PF)
    PF Byron Mullens (Cha – PF,C)
    F DeMarcus Cousins (Sac – PF,C)
    C JaVale McGee (Den – C)
    C Nikola Pekovic (Min – C)
    Util Isaiah Thomas (Sac – PG)
    Util Ray Allen (Mia – SG)
    BN Kevin Love (Min – PF,C)INJ
    BN Bismack Biyombo (Cha – PF,C)
    BN Ramon Sessions (Cha – PG,SG)

    I also have an offer of Marcus Thorton for N. Pekovic. I would probably do that if I complete the Gasol/Dirk/AK 47 deal.



    • I’d prefer the Love/Thomas side, but only because owning Dirk seems like way too big a risk. Who would be surprised if he sat out three quarters of the season?

      Thornton over Pek, and I like Nikola a lot. Thornton remains undervalued. Always helps to have guys who deliver the same stats game in, game out.

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