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  1. Having a very sub-par week in my h2h avg-based league (against the best team thusfar in the league, no less!).

    I’m finally at “full strength” with Love and Lowry back starting for me too, but it’s not turning out too well. I need some bounceback games from Lowry, TP, JR, Batum, Deng, and Mullens tonight…

    Also wouldn’t mind some mediocrity from DeRo, BJ, Bropez for him!

    ps: to compound things, I have Klay, Pek, and Asik on my bench! : (

  2. Hi all,

    I traded parsons and faried for Noah. Did I give up too much? I’m in a 12 team h2h 9 cat league.
    I wanted to get rid of Faried’s bad FT%.

    • Yeah, seems like a bit too much. I see what you’re saying about Faried’s FT%, but I think you have to remember that in h2h leagues, you can live without have a perfect 9 categories. If you’re really, really strong at 6 or 7 of them, you’re easily set up for a championship run. Com playoff time, all you need to do is win 5 categories. And it would seem to me that Faried AND Parsons can help that cause better than just Noah. I think you could have probably gotten something else, too.

      • Thanks Tom. I should mention that each team has 10 players, and I already have Brook Lopez and Wade who hurt my FTs. Faried’s 54% FTs were a real drag.

    • Not thrilled about Wallace. Depends on what you’re giving up. I wouldn’t give up a starter to get him, but if you give up someone on your bench, sure, I suppose it’s worth taking a shot on him.

        • Well, in this case I think it’s a pretty fair deal. Johnson is struggling, too. I give Lillard the nod over Collison.

          • Thank you.. I offered and I’m waiting his answer :)

            Meanwhile I have last question. Gallinari awful now, Should I trust him for rest of the season ?

          • I think you can trust Gallinari, to a certain extent. His scoring and rebounding have been pretty good — I think his threes will go up. Don’t expect much defensively, but that’s not why you probably drafted him in the first place. I wouldn’t drop him. He’s had a few off games, but he was also sick, I believe, on Monday. I’d hold him for now.

  3. Was offered Gortat for my Pau. Both having brutal starts, but until Pau is traded he’s difficult to own right now. On top of that, his knees scare me.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Here’s the problem — yes, the knee scares you, but Pau’s upside — especially if moved — is far greater than Gortat’s. I mean, for that struggles Pau is having physically, Gortat is having the same sort of struggles mentally. He’s complaining about not getting involved enough, not knowing the offense, etc. I think in the short it would seem like a good idea to move Pau, I’m just not sure I would do so for Gortat. See what else you can get.

  4. Hi all,

    Been toying with the idea of offering Jeremy Lin and Javaal Mcgee for Anthony Davis in my league. The guy with Anthony has lots of injuries and wants a 241 style deal to address his lack of depth. But its a h2h league where u want to lock up cats and its hard to deal away assists. What do you guys reckon?

    What about Mayo and Javaal instead?


    • In h2h, I would probably feel more comfortable moving Mayo and JaVale, though you do have to worry about Anthony’s health. It’s a big upside moved, but I think you’re right in that you can find ways to make up for Mayo’s loss — points, threes — much easier than having to make up for the assists you lose from Lin. I would be careful with this move, but I think if you’re pulling the trigger on Davis I would rather move Mayo and JaVale (especially since Mayo might lose some production once Dirk gets back).

  5. Hi Tom,

    How worried are you about Brandon Jenning’s ankle? I’m thinking of offering Varejao for him. 16 team 9-cat league.

    • i’m not too worried about his ankle. It doesn’t strike me as a long-term concern. Obviously he played on Monday, was slowed a little, but he should shake it off shortly. Trading Varejao, however, is a tough deal. I suppose you have to give something to get something, but the only way I’m moving him is if I have a desperate need for a PG and feel comfortable that I have enough guys pulling in rebounds to make it worth my while.

  6. I read a little on Pau in a couple questions before but what’s his deal! I get the injury but is this something to worry about!

    I have Pau and am frustrated with his horrific FG% and lack of touches. Watching him the last couple games, he has looked awful. If it’s his knees that are affecting his play, trade him ASAP (NO?) but if it’s the Lakers and D’Antoni’s system, should I keep him?

    I am getting offers like KG or Pekovic for Gasol straight up? Should that be considered?
    Even the likes of Kemba/Amare for Pau/Sessions….

    To be honest, what’s really the problem here and will it get better?

    Thanks for the vent…haha

    • Well, we don’t live inside Gasol’s knees, so we don’t really know if this is going to bother him all season. However, I think when Nash returns Gasol is going to see his FG% rise and hopefully he’ll be healthy enough to contribute elsewhere. That said, we’re not looking at a second-round value player anymore. If you trade him for Pekovic, that’s a little risky because Pek has a low ceiling when Love takes all the rebounds. KG has his own age and injury concerns. You don’t want to trade for KG when he looks great because one knee tweak could shut him down as well. I would tend to hang on to Pau and hope Nash/the system/health brings his value back up to a manageable level so you don’t have to make panic trades.

      • Cheers Jeff! I appreciate the reply! It seems as though I will stick Gasol out, but thanks for letting me express my, and everyone else’s, frustrations.

        Hope my decision to stick with him helps! Plus, I want the Raps to trade Bargs for Gasol!

        Book it:D

    • Dirk is still week’s away, so factoring that, I think Pau has better overall long-term value right now. Now, when Dirk returns, that’s a different story — as long as he’s healed.

  7. Having a mare of a season, stuck with sanders, terrence ross, and boobie all on my bench. possible waiver options, stuckey, charlie v, nate rob, novak, sheed. thoughts? thanks in advance people

  8. I was offered Amare/Ersan/Ellis for Pau/AK47/Sessions….

    I am in first place now…12 teams/H2H…should I do the deal?


    • we’re in the same boat, after seeing his game against the Bulls we know he’s still got “it” just whether or not he wants to turn it on yet.

      I’m holding him another week but don’t know if I can after that :o

  9. Hey guys, so im really tempted to get rid of cousins, What are your thoughts on him. He is a guy who on any night can explode for 20 20 game with blocks and steals. he fouls so much and his temper is horrible. thoughts? trade or keep?

    • Depends what you can get. You might have to hold on to him unless you have a guy in your league who loves him.

      • yeh, i know a couple guys who like him. On a side note, I have just offered chandler and george hill for varejo. I know he is thinking about it as he has added a new player to his team so he is thinking about it. Im not really going to miss either of those guys and he is worried about injuries.
        Well if i get varejo i was thinking about trading cousins for a good pg. Im trying to go for the model of pgs and pfs. i read an article about it and it makes a lot of sense.

        I could trade rubio and cousins for a top pg maybe. Anyway, i just wanted to know what your opinion of cousins was. Cheers though,

    • Hmm… Hard to say. You probably won’t regret it too much. You’ll get a big boost in assists and steals when Rubio comes back. You’ll take a hit in threes – those are easier to replace though, elsewhere.

    • I think Biyombo is going to eventually overtake Haywood for minutes in Charlotte. Drummond has more upside but a less clear path to playing time in the future.

  10. Charlie V or Drummond? I actually think Frank favors Charlie V more over Drummond. Plus he won’t hurt my FT%. What do you think about this? Think Charlie V can get back to old form or at least a glimpse of it? At least a stl and blk with a three and a few rebs?

  11. Overloaded with centers at the moment, and thinking about dropping one of them for Nate Robinson. Who is the drop between Seraphin, Valanciunas, and Drummond? Last spot on the bench, so I don’t mind being patient for upside. Thanks!

  12. I need blocks! All I have is Hibbert along side with Cousins and a broken Amare. SHould I trade Gay straight up for Anthony Davis?

    WIll Davis come around or will he be injured all year?

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