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  1. As always, H2H avg-based pts league (asts = 2, pts/reb/blk/stl = 1, TOs = -1). Need to SIT one of these guys:

    Asik – LAL, @SA, DAL
    Pekovic – @PHI, @BOS, CLE
    Big Baby – @GS, @UTA, @SAC, @PHX

    Pek looks like he has the least attractive match-ups, but he’s been playing better than Big Baby (minus last night’s game) lately, so i dunno!

    • Hmm… Sanders with the highest upside from game to game… but overall for ROS, I’d go:

      1. Nene (I think he eventually gets back to preseason value)
      2. Vucevic (stabler starting role)
      3. Sanders (Skiles factor drops him to 3)
      4. Seraphin (like him but Nene/Okafor in the way)

  2. Hey guys,

    Big fan of the site, found it before the draft. Been great help so far with my team. I am second in my league roto 7 team 8 cat. Now the guy in first has won two years in a row, i need to do something to beat him.

    My current team
    Goran Dragic, Pho PG U
    Wesley Matthews, Por SG
    Kevin Durant, OKC SF U
    DeMarcus Cousins, Sac PF OTB
    Greg Monroe, Det C
    George Hill, Ind PG
    Josh Smith, Atl PF
    Marc Gasol, Mem C
    Tyson Chandler, NY C OTB
    Klay Thompson, GS SG
    Ricky Rubio*, Min PG OTB
    Kyrie Irving*, Cle PG U
    Darren Collison, Dal PG (currently waiting to drop on waivers as nelson just was dropped so hopefully i get nelson)
    Derrick Favors, Uta PF
    Nikola Pekovic, Min C

    Now im thinking of a big trade that will give me the cats i need, im first in points, and steals, second in fg%, not too far behind in assists (rubio and irving out doesnt help that) and i need three’s, blocks and more assists would be nice. What do you think about if i offered my friend durant cousins and matthews and got ibaka, bryant and mayo or rondo but rondo would kill my ft% and with rubio i should be fine with assists? you think that is a good trade? for me i mean, haha. I could use bryants threes and good %’s and the blocks and good % of ibaka, letting go of durant is tough but for the betterment of my team. i think its worth it.

    On a seperate note, im really liking favours this year. I am pretty certain milsap or jefferson will be traded before the deadline and when that happens favours playing 35 mins a night could mean 16 points 12 boards and 3 blocks with pretty decent %’s. I think its a good stash and even now he is playing well.

    Shit this feels like an essay, thanks for reading.

    • I wouldn’t trade Durant for anything less than the kitchen sink… I don’t think a Kobe package is worth it, especially when you are including two very good players in Cousins and Matthews. I would think a little smaller… Monroe is a guy you might be able to get something decent for, like a point guard… but in a 7-team league I don’t have a great feel what what kind of deals go down other than blockbusters as everyone has an All-Star roster. George Hill and Tyson Chandler are a couple of sell-high guys on your roster right now (playing great).

      • yeh i thought about trading durant for ibaka, mayo and rondo but i am not sure he would go for that. haha, you would think everyone has an all star roster but some of the teams are bad. i got my team through good trades, irving for parker and thornton. Zbo for josh smith. I mean i have three first rounders on my team!! haha. ok cool, monroe is better than cousins though, surely? more reliable at least but he wont go crazy for 20 20 like cousins can. chandler is def someone i am looking to move. Thanks for the advice.

        • ok i took your advice, asked for mayo and ibaka for hill, chandler and pekovic. We will see what happens, maybe ill try just a straight swap for mayo for hill if he declines, he only has one pg so i could get some real value, maybe offer two pgs..

  3. Should I give Love + Collison for Noah + Mathews + Rubio

    I don’t want to 2-for-3 trade but I can’t buy Noah and Mathews without Love and I think If I give up Love than I will sell Collison( his minutes downgraded) with him. Also I have some concernes about MKG .. What do you think for this trade ?

    H2H – 9 Cat – 10 Team :

    Collison – Joe Johnson – Mike Conley – Ty Lawson – OJ Mayo
    MKG – Kirilenko – Parsons – Faried – Love – Horford
    Sanders – Brook Lopez

  4. Thoughts on starting Reke, AK47, and Bropez in my avg-based league? They too risky?

    I’ve got Redick as Reke’s backup and Ilyasova to start for AK or Bropez…

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  6. Looking to dump blocks as I only have Hibbert. What about this blockbuster…

    I trade Hibbert/Gay/Iggy/Felton for Love/Curry (and I pick up two of either Ben Gordon, Bledsoe, Delfino, Gary Neal, Jordan Crawford, Ariza, Shved, Harrison Barnes, etc)

    Should I do it?
    Here is my team….

    PG Chauncey Billups (LAC – PG,SG)
    SG Raymond Felton (NY – PG,SG)
    G Monta Ellis (Mil – PG,SG)
    SF Andre Iguodala (Den – SG,SF)
    PF Rudy Gay (Mem – SF,PF)
    F Ersan Ilyasova (Mil – PF)
    C DeMarcus Cousins (Sac – PF,C)
    C Byron Mullens (Cha – PF,C)
    Util Marcus Thornton (Sac – SG)
    Util Amar’e Stoudemire (NY – PF,C)
    BN Jrue Holiday (Phi – PG)
    BN Chandler Parsons (Hou – SF,PF)
    BN Roy Hibbert (Ind – C)

      • I know what your saying but Love is a top 4 fantasy player. Curry, if he stays healthy, is a top 5 guy. Hibbert is up and down/Iggy is just Iggy….I don’t see much upside for Gay and Felton will have his games but not a big miss!

        Curry/Jrue/Ellis/Thornton/Ersan/Parsons/Cousins/Love seems like a very nice core! No?

        • I think Love is Top 3 player and Curry top 25 player but your Felton – Iggy – Gay are top 50 players also Hibbert Top 75 player.. Yes I admitted Hibbert is up and down but I think you can sell high now !!

  7. I need to do FA and I need 3PM-Steal-Assist and I don’t need BLK-REB

    I have MKG and Sanders. I drop Sanders normally but he play beastly !! MKG play awful and I don’t like Charlotte’s rotation.. So should I drop MKG ??

    Also what do you suggest for FA ? My FA list is:

    Carlos Delfino ( He is good option for 3PM but i have concerned about his minutes)
    Alexey Shved ( Malcom Lee will be back and his minutes drop a little bit )
    Luke Ridnour – JJ Barea
    AJ Price



    Great idea to sit Gortat nearly the whole fourth quarter! Til OT! As Randolph and Gasol plowed through those fugitives for the nursing home, Scola, O’Neal and PJ Tucker!

  9. Notorious D.L.S. need your insight:

    -Favors droppable?
    -Singler the real deal?
    -Valanciunas worth picking up especially if I drop Favors?


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