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  1. First comment, so its 4am here in summerly New Zealand, i just pulled off a great trade, i give george hill and got mayo and vucenic. Why he offered me i dont know, we talked about straight swap but he gave me both. That will help my fg% and threes which i need.
    Onto the question, duncan and melo for durant? giving up durant is tough but if i can get two studs like them its worth it no? what do you think? roto 7 league. 8 cat. Im in need of assists/blocks and threes.

    on mondays thread you said nothing but the kitchen sink for durant well i think duncan and melo would improve my blocks and threes and i wouldnt miss durants scoring. i fbooked him asking what he thought so ill have to wait to see what he thinks.

    • I wouldn’t trade Durant for Melo and Duncan. Seems good right now, but you can’t give up the best player in a deal when the best player is the best overall player in fantasy, period. And Duncan? Talk about a buy-high right now. He’s playing beyond his expectations. And Melo’s points and threes are a push with Durant, the rest is worse across the board.

    • Now that’s a good trade kiwi! Tempting offer but I’d sooner say something bad about Manny Pacquiao’s mother on the streets of Manila than trade KD.

  2. Points league, with a bonus incentive for FGM and FTM, and assists are worth 2 points. Drop Lou Will or Rubio for G-Wall, Aminu, or Shved? Or stay put? I’m looking for long-term value, as I have a good lead at the top of the league…

  3. Hey guys, im waiting on rubio and irving to come back but im suffering in the mean time with assists. I just acquired mayo by trading george hill, he also gave me vucevic. Best trade of the season, that or me getting josh smith for zbo. Im a big fan of lillard, you think his production will keep up? his fg% is a bit of a hit but i had hill who was a 40% shooter on a good day. His threes and assists are great. i have three sg’s as i just picked up klay from waivers. I think sg is the weakest spot in fantasy, three’s and points generally. i also have matthews so a combo of matthews and klay should be fine. Swapping mayo for lillard, yay or na? owner is a big an of lillard so he might not budge, be interesting none the less.

    Just sent out another trade offer of chandler and getting holiday. Better option, tough to let go of chandler esp when he is playing great but i need the assists, maybe trade mayo for a pf/c to help out there and then my team will be perfect!

  4. Ok not a lineup question more about an article i just read and what you guys think.

    Just read from bleacher report about milsap trade to kings for thorton. Now to me this makes sense for both teams, utah have no real sg and kings could use milsap. Now i own favours so this would be great!!!!!!!! for me on the utah end but i also own cousins, how do you think they would work together, milsap could help develop cousins but should i keep an eye on this? i mean al and milsap work well so milsap could actually make cousins better? not everyone focused on him etc. I know im posting a lot of questions but i want to win this year. $500 to the winner, $200 to second, everyone puts in a hundred. So im heavily invested in this bitch. Bubbly, emir etc your opinions would be great too!


    • tough one, your getting the best player which is always good. Brooks ankles are always worrying to me at least. No 3 pick with klove. It depends on a couple things, how are you in rebounds and blocks i guess. I would say yes but thats my opinion, no expert haha. Only because i dont trust lopez’s ankles.

    • disappointing how? he is blocking more stealing more, needs to get a be more consistent with shooting but he is a good fantasy player to have, if you trade him make sure you get value.

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