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    H2H avg-based pts league (asts = 2, pts/reb/blk/stl = 1, TOs = -1) as ever.

    Drop Ilyasova for Markieff?

    • A Skiles player vs. a Gentry player… my two least-favorite options. Do you want the electric chair or the lethal injection?

    • I think you hold on to both guys for now, you don’t want to drop Blatche until you have to, and we don’t know enough about Lopez’s return yet. Patterson is a nice story and probably expendable, but I’d wait a few games unless he is just taking up a bench spot and you don’t need to play him.

  2. Hey guys,
    In a 12 team h2h league, (11-cat that adds fgm and ftm) would you help me rate the bottom of my bench? Would you rank them Mullens>Kawhi>Sanders>McGee>Serpahin? Also, would you drop any of them for Markieff?

    • I don’t think I’d drop any of them for Markieff. I need to see more great games out of him, more consistency, and better efficiency. I’d probably have Sanders a hair ahead of everyone on your list for now, followed by a healthy Kawhi, McGee, Mullens, Seraphin. Mullens just can’t shoot under 40 percent and be a viable fantasy big man.

        • I think I would for Sanders. Especially if you’re looking for blocks. Nene is just too injury-prone and inconsistent.

          • Sanders scares me. That’s a crowded frontcourt. How consistent will his minutes be? They’ve been all over the map this year.

          • Well, if he keeps playing his game, Skiles will have no choice but to play him… Yeah, look, it’s never easy to read the Skiles rotation. But I think Sanders provides enough upside. Plus, again, Nene is no sure thing… He’s not even seeing 20-plus minutes per.

  3. In a 9-cat h2h league, would you trade Lou Will, Faried and JR Smith for George Hill, Sanders and Hickson? Is Sanders’ upside worth it?

    • No, I wouldn’t do that. Sanders does have the upside, but I like Faried far too much and think his value is tops here.

  4. Odd question here. I have a pretty stacked squad in a 12 team league. Is it worth doing a 2 for 1 trade that brings back slightly less than full value, to open up a pickup spot for a hot waiver pickup? For instance, trade Seraphin and Mullens for Ilyasova? Or something like that. I have been trying to make 2 for 1 trades for a while, but haven’t found anything that works yet.

    • It really depends… that idea makes sense only if there is a hot pickup available on the waiver wires or if you’re in a more shallow league. I wouldn’t trade two players just to open up the spot unless you’re getting good return. There’s no reason you can’t do a 2-fo-1 that’s of fair value and still have the extra spot to pick someone up… Again, it makes sense, but only if you “do it right.”

    • I think it’s close, but if you need boards and blocks… Hayward is safer, but he doesn’t have the upside of either player. McGee is on a nice little run, and Hickson has his double-double moments… but neither really move me. I think for need — blocks and boards, big man — I would do the deal. It’s not an overall upgrade though.

  5. What is the word on John Wall? A frustrating situation, and difficult to get any updates. Any idea when he will return?

    • JVal I assume being Jonas Valanciunas and not JaVale McGee, I’d rank them Ilya, Markieff, Jonas, Drummond, and I don’t love any of them

  6. In a 10-team H2H points league…would you trade my Westbrook, Pau, McGee for Lillard, Vasquez, G. Wallace, Asik?

  7. What is the projection for Serpahin if everything goes well? Also, I know his value is low right now, but would you trade Iggy for Pau?

    • Seraphin is worth hanging on to because he backs up Nene and Okafor… that said, his production will be spotty… great some weeks, not so great others. It’s tempting to buy low on Gasol, but to give up a solid player right now is tough. Iggy hasn’t been lighting the world on fire, so I guess it is up to you – do you believe Gasol will A) get healthy and B) thrive with a healthy Nash? Very cloudy.

  8. Have few dilemmas for tonight of who do start/sit in a 9cat roto:

    AK47 and D.Green are back from injuries and should have easy match-ups (CLE, HOU) – the concern is if they will be limited in any way or benched in case of a blow-out (Vegas hc -9)….

    The other pair is Ro-Lo that has been great but should have a tough night vs. MEM and J.Thompson that has been good and have an easier match-up vs. ORL…

    I have 3 open spots for these 4 and there is absolutely no pressure to use all 3…

    Will appreciate your feedback…

    • Sorry to be late Dan! Play AK and Green every night! I give a very slight edge to Thompson despite my true fear of having Kings. Close attention is required.

  9. Hey guys,
    Would you trade Iggy and either Seraphin or Mullens for Anthony Davis? Any long term risk with his ankle?

    • Anthony Davis has elite rebounding/shot-blocking potential, and see him as possibly a Top 20 fantasy player by the end of the year (barring his long-term health). His ankle shouldn’t have any long-term set backs, and this may be the time to buy-low on the future stud…

    • He’s had a couple of poor games in a row, so I’m not sure that strategy is sound. I like Faried… I’m not against trading anyone though, if the return is good.

  10. As high as you possibly can (Top 30 or higher)…I would wait until he posts another 13+ rebound night before getting all the value you can for him. McGee is destined to figure it out at some point this season and take a few front court mins away from not only K.K. but Faried as well. Having said that, skies the limit with Faried in the development of his offensive game. If you’re patient, he may be worth the wait.

  11. Anyone pull the trigger and decide to drop J. Wall for a flier on the wire? Thinking about doing so, and picking up D. Waiters…thoughts?

  12. Hey guys,

    Just made a trade, 5th one of the season. have improved my blocks, and threes lately and my assists are going to increase with irving and rubio back, but what do you think of my latest trade. I traded monroe and thompson for varejo. High risk high reward kind of trade, i wanted to improve my fg% and boards so i can get the top spot on the boards column in my 8 cat roto league. 7 team league ,you may be skeptical about losing klay but i just traded george hill for oj mayo (yes thats right, i am a trade genius) and already have matthews so im not losing anything not having klay. End of the day, i got the best player (in terms of fantasy, monroes mins are just not what id what them to be low 30′s and he is inconsistent but has huge upside. What are your thoughts?

  13. I am not strong in blocks as I only have Gay and Hibbert.

    Should I trade Gay/Hibbert/Jrue Holiday for Love/Rubio?


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