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  1. u already know i’m leading off…

    Cumulative weekly league, with this scoring: (PTS+REB+AST+STL+BLK+3PM) – ((FGA-FGM)+(FTA-FTM)+TO).

    D. Lee (@cha, @mia, @orl, @atl) or Varejao (lal, @ind, mil, @nyk)?

    Dwight (@cle, @nyk, @was, @phi) or Duncan (@hou, @atl, @por, bos)?


  2. Hey guys, what do you think about rubio this week? Playable? I could use the assists. Otherwise im playing stuckey. Im benching matthews as im not sure about his injury and i need assists more than anything. Any truth to irving maybe playing this week also?

    • Irving may indeed play, although I’m not plugged in enough to know if there is “truth” to the rumor… I’d do a wait and see with Rubio as well.

  3. more thoughts or Nene? I’ve picked him up hoping things would get better but i’m worried with wall being out indefinitely things are looking rough for him. He’s had ok numbers in the minutes, but i’ve passed on picking up sanders/seraphin.

    please talk me off the cliff or push me off. thx in advance.

    • Things are tough on Nene because he is going to be battling injuries all year, limiting his minutes. It’s unfortunate. He’s tough to drop, but you might have to.

    • having the same problem. he’s got potential, and none of the free agents in my league are quite attractive, so i might hang with him. Hendo’s return has hurt his FGA quite a bit, so it’s a bit bleak…

  4. I am not strong in blocks as I only have Gay and Hibbert.

    Should I trade Gay/Hibbert/Jrue Holiday for Love/Rubio?


  5. I have good huge players, Horford-Love-Faried-B.Lopez-Kirilenko-Sanders

    but I have some problems with %FG , should I offer Joe Johnson or Parsons for Z-Bo, he can improve my %FG and I think he is good another trade option. What do you think ?

  6. Hey guys,

    8 cat roto league.

    Interesting trade offer just came my way.

    Pau Gasol for goran dragic?

    Good buy low on gasol,

    my other pgs are nelson, irving, rubio,

    my bigs are varejo, cousins, chandler, durant, marc gasol, josh smith, derrick favours (love his upside with the trade that is going to happen soon) and glen davis, (luke walton of my team) haha.

    I like this trade as pau’s upside is huge, dragic is a beast and im a huge fan but i could always trade my of my bigs for a better pg than dragic?

    Let me know your thoughts?

    7 team league fyi,

    • I LOVE Dragic but it looks like the Suns are in a horrible move. I just traded Gasol for KG a few days ago. I think Gasol will be injured all year. If you watch him play, he hobbles almost!

      Your call though….

    • you need nothing but studs in a 7-team league. I’d hang on to Dragic as Pau might be middling the entire year. Dragic is locked in to his minutes and should replicate his numbers if not improve them as we go on. Not so sure about Pau’s upside.

      • You know Greg’s been away for a bit when he’s claiming that someone coached by Alvin Gentry is “locked in to his minutes”. If only. Damn you to hell, Gentry.

  7. Thoughts on Eric Bledsoe now? I know Paul is the man there but he is posting good stats in a 12 team/9 stand cats.

    Should I drop Pietrus for Bledsoe?

  8. 18 teamer, h2h fantasy pts league, Keeper league, what do you think of this trade:

    I give: $49 Bosh & a $40 Monta Ellis

    I get: $12 Klay Thompson & a $42 Al Jefferson

    This would clear $35 in cap space, which would be great for later on in the season when I try and make a run and I can then add some salary from another team. It would also give me a nice little $12 keeper in Klay. As of right now I know Bosh isn’t keeper and Monta might not make the cut at $40. My concerns: Bosh and Monta are solid and as of now have no injury concerns. Klay is streaky, just had his best week of the season last week, kinda scary, am I buying in too high, and then Big AL has his back issues…. is he gonna miss a game here or there resting up on his $20,000 bed?

    What do you think? Klay at $12 and the cap space makes me want to do this, the stability of the guys I have makes me not want to do it…. and in an 18 teamer, being healthy/stability is key.


    • your league is all about value for the dollar. I would absolutely do it. Mark Jackson is committed to Thompson and will stick with him through the ups and downs. Jefferson has found his groove an will be a 17 and 11 machine. He could miss games here and there, but he’ll block and rebound considerably better than Bosh. Jump on it before this owner comes to his senses.

  9. thanks, offers up….. he emailed me back saying he’ll probably accept when he gets to his office, this will clear alot of cap for me, allowing me to make some acquistions pretty easy when the trade deadline comes, i was going to have to be really creative, plus im getting two players that can be kept, KLAY for sure, and big AL at $42 is close….. i like it. For now and the future.

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