18 comments on “Damn Lies Wednesday Open Thread (12/12)

    • Hmm… Wallace is looking pretty good lately, so yes he is better than LouWill if you are willing to take the chance that Crash could get hurt at any time.

  1. Prepping for possible life without Lowry for a while :(

    H2H avg-based pts league (asts = 2, pts/reb/blk/stl = 1, TOs = -1).

    At the moment, my backup G is JR Smith. Do i go with him, or should I drop Mullens for Kidd, Neal, Hinrich, Belinelli, Shannon Brown, Dudley, or Danny Green?

    fwiw, i can currently only start two of Pek, GDavis, and Mullens, so he feels a bit out of the loop.

  2. Hi Jeff,

    J. Kidd – is he a sell high now (before Amare and Shumpert return)? or does he hold to his current value ROS?

    Would you trade him for a player like Afflalo in a 9 cat roto right now?

    • Cousins is a pretty good buy low and should rack up points, rebounds and blocks even on this mess of a team. He seems pretty committed this year. Just prepare for a mediocre fg%.

  3. Ibaka and Faried win, I think, although it depends what you are looking for. If you need a stud scorer, maybe it’s the Melo side.

  4. H2H, standard 9-cat

    Would you drop Seraphin, Tristan Thompson, Markieff Morris, Mullens, or Shved for Jamison and/or CJ Watson?

    • I think Jamison’s role is still in flux, as in he could have some nice nights. I might prefer him over Shved or Thompson, but that Lakers team is too unpredictable, especially with Gasol and Nash out.

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