20 comments on “Damn Lies Friday Open Thread (12/14)

    • Wade will slowly, very painfully, but eventually get better this year if he can keep away from further injuries. But he’s not putting up first-round value anymore, I’m afraid. Manu is what he is – an older player on the Spurs, coming off the bench, and not VITAL to their success anymore now that they have Green, Neal, Leonard, etc. So there will be a lot of inconsistency there. Gortat should be much better than he is but Alvin Gentry is involved, so I hate to predict what will happen. The Polish Hammer could be moved around the deadline at this rate. Hopefully to somewhere where his value will increase.

    • Leonard offers more steals and boards, Green more threes… I don’t think there’s a huge difference between them. Depends on who else you have and what you need.

    • i’d prolly drop Ray for Ilyasova. one thing to note with Ersan is, that Dunleavy and Larry Sanders have been out during his recent “resurgence” so he might not be QUITE that good once the Bucks are full strength again.

  1. 12team 9cat H2H

    Team A: Brandon Jennings, Anthony Davis and Steve Nash
    Team B: Deron Williams, Al Horford and Ersan Ilyasova

    which do you prefer?

    • I prefer Team A , cause D-Will have some problems with ankle injury so he can’t drive inside. Jennings is monster for steal also his assist + 3PM and Points are reliable..

      Davis had some injury troubles but before his injury he played solid games.. Horford’s best side is %FG also he is good rebounder and scorer than Davis but Davis is Block specialist also his steal is much better than forford. Horford’s %FG is awful this year so Davis is good choice for this cat.

      I can’t trust Ersan and I think you can find like him to Free Agent..I wonder Steve Nash’s role for Lakers I think you shoult wait for him

  2. Hey guys quick q,

    12 team h2h points keeper league, my ibaka for his ant Davis?

    Ibaka is only getting me 29fpg :( harsh for 2nd round pick!

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