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  1. u already know i’m leading off…

    H2H avg-based weekly pts league (asts = 2, pts/reb/blk/stl = 1, TOs = -1). # of games don’t matter, just production.

    1. Start which ONE of Ed Davis, Asik, and Glen Davis?

    2. Start Redick or JR Smith?

    3. Start Asik or Ed Davis?

    Thanks, guys!

  2. Hey guys,

    Congrats to Tom, great gig.

    Lineup question, im behind in assists so im starting dragic, rubio, irving and calderon. and starting 5 bigs in durant, varejo, chandler, jsmith, mgasol, and mayo over matthews of course.

    Im benching Cousins, as far as my other players go he is the weakest in his position i feel and i need threes and assists more, chandler is playing better, i understand cousins upside but he is playing the clippers and has a terrible record against, he played 18 mins last time they met and the coach knows this.so effectivly i see a three game cousins vs a 4 game chandler.

    Rubio must get the knod over nelson while im here as well?

    7 team league roto. I know everytime you mention how these 7 teams leagues are superstar leagues, but my particular team is built on me being amazing at trades. and knowing when to pick up rubio. haha

    I just sent a trade of cousins and matthews for curry. Thoughts? my plan then is to trade mayo for another solid pf/c. My thinking, having a pg that has sg eligibility helps me alot. And cousins is just too damn annoying to own haha.

    Thanks from New Zealand, the country that could fit into Colorado.

    • jared – I like your thinking. Cousins is a bit of a wild card in that his team could easily get blown out twice this week, limiting his numbers. Chandler’s playing well, yeah. Mayo is a good sell high before Nowitzki comes back to steal shots. Curry is elite when healthy… Cousins and Matthews is a lot for him, though. But Matthews seems more expendable in a 7-team league. And I’m not quite ready to go Rubio over Nelson. Lorenzo might feel differently… but Ricky might not be able to handle huge minutes for a little while.

      • well i just realised that i offered cousins and nelson not matthews. haha forgot.. Yeh i managed to get mayo for hill. Great trade there. haha. Purely based on assist numbers?rubio got 9 in 18 mins. nelson is inconsistent with assists.

        I read this article once stating a pg/pf based team is solid and i am molding my team around this. I also just traded thompson and monroe for varejo, a bit much but i wanted the high rebound numbers from varejo.


  3. Would you help me rank the bottom of my bench? I am in a 12 team h2h weekly league, that is 11-cat (adds ftm and fgm). Would you rank Kawhi>McGee>Shved>Mullens? Would you drop any of them for M Barnes, Nate Rob, Meeks, Amir or Seraphin? Really looking for long term upside more than a weekly starter. Thanks

    • I like Seraphin as a stash, probably ahead of Shved. Nene and Okafor are too brittle, not to mention Booker. Shved now has Rubio to contend for minutes (or at least push Ridnour and Barea over to the 2-spot). Shved has a lot of talent, but not a lot of opportunity.

    • Yeah, I think a lot of folks are fearful of Gasol’s knees and also his situation. But when Nash comes back he could be solid. This is a trade that you have to feel comfortable with rolling the dice on… if Pau’s healthy, he’s better than Pek. It’s risky.

  4. Thoughts on Brandon Knight? Also, I’m thinking of trading for Kyrie Irving, thoughts on him going forward? Tony Parker, Gortat, Ginobili too much for Kyrie?

    • I would trade those three for Kyrie, yeah. It’s a lot, but if you have depth you can fill in the spots for Gortat and Ginobili. Listen, Kyrie when healthy is a borderline first-round value guy. Parker at his best is still limited to maybe 4th or 5th round. And who needs the Gortat/Gentry headache? If you can get the best player in a deal, you usually make the deal.

      Brandon Knight has the potential to put up a lot of quality garbage stats the rest of the way. But I still think he has a limited ceiling. I guess it depends on what you are planning to do to get him/trade him and who else is involved.

    • shit i traded parker and thorton at the start of the season and got irving for them. Parker is one of those guys that people know and love, he isnt that efficient fantasy wise but you can get good value on name basis.

  5. Would you offer Cousins, Iggy and Mullens and for Jefferson, Rubio and Metta? No specific need, just looking for value

  6. Yet another post/question from me….I’m so indecisive!

    Congrats Tom…sick job!

    I have horrific FG% and need a few more 3′s and blocks….would you trade Iggy/Ellis for Batum?

    I have Marcus and Cousins already, if I did make that trade, would you pick up Isaiah Thomas?

    Thanks again!

  7. More general than my question above, what kind of player would you try and target if I was willing to give up Cousins and Iggy? Top 20 value? Carmelo, Harden, Ibaka, Love or Westbrook?

    • i have the same problem as you. Owning cousins. Its stressful i know, im trying for curry at the moment in a nelson and cousins for curry. Might work, who knows. The key is finding someone who likes cousins as a player. iggy and ellis seems a lot for batum, iggy and someone not so good? I wouldnt bother with thomas, not at the moment. Who else is available? Cousins is a second rounder/third rounder so giving someone him and iggy is alot again. Mate go with your gut and dont regret! haha

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