36 comments on “Damn Lies Wednesday Open Thread (12/19)

  1. Hey jeff,

    First off, looks like conrad is slow off the block tonight/today for you. Thanks for your advice on the cousins thing, starting chandler over cousins, he fouled 4 times in 7 mins looks like the right call.

    Now i am doing well in my league. But down in assists and threes. I have just acquired calderon from waivers so he should help. My team

    Kyrie Irving, Cle PG
    O.J. Mayo, Dal SG
    Kevin Durant, OKC SF
    Anderson Varejao, Cle C
    Marc Gasol, Mem C
    Jose Calderon, Tor PG
    Josh Smith, Atl PF
    Goran Dragic, Pho PG
    Tyson Chandler, NY C
    Jameer Nelson, Orl PG
    DeMarcus Cousins, Sac PF
    Wesley Matthews, Por SG
    Ricky Rubio, Min PG
    Derrick Favors, Uta PF U
    Rodney Stuckey, Det SG

    Would you drop stuckey for vucevic? he is heating up and i like his rebounds and blocks?

    Now in regard to your opening statement, yeh gentry is doing my head in. Would it be wise to sell Dragic now why he is still valued so highly? Im thinking trade cousins and dragic for an elite pg that also has sg eligibility or something and then trade mayo for another big. So then im playing 5 pgs and 4 bigs and durant? solid plan? although in saying that mayo is giving me 6 assists a game as is….Im really banking on milsap being traded by holding onto favours. He is my sleeper. 8 cat roto btw, 7 team league.

    Anyway, answer what you can be bothered replying too. Im off to sleep, cheers.

    • I would definitely add Vucevic for Stuckey. And yes, trading Cousins and Dragic for peace of mind is a solid plan. I mean, in a league like yours you have to take some chances and attack categories. Everyone’s team is going to produce in some ways.

      • Thanks, im thinking curry and milsap for cousins dragic? kinda only works for me there doesnt it? i should offer more? ie add nelson? nelson is expendable in a league like mine. dragic is a god pg but is a score first pg and i dont think he has a 10 plus assist game yet. Trigger?

    • i dont know about jeff but i say no. Horford gives you blocks as well as boards and scoring. But jeff is the expert but i say no..haha

      • He’s a better rebounder than Pek, too. I mean, how many nights can Pek go off and grab 10-plus boards when he has Love dominating that glass..? I think his ceiling it more limited than Horford’s… But, you’re right, I want to hear what Jeff has to say too! hahh

    • I would take Horford. As good as Pek has been this season, he doesn’t have the upside that Horford does. He’s a better scorer (though Pek is holding his own this year), pulling in more boards (it’s tough for Pek to really elevate alongside Kevin Love) and playing better defense. I wouldn’t worry about Horford’s FT%, he’ll get better. This just seems like a nice buy-low deal for you.

      • not too busy with the new job tom? haha i seem to be on a roll with my thinking lately. Love is struggling so pek has stepped up, things will revert soon enough. You have any thoughts on a curry and milsap for cousins dragic and nelson. (me getting curry milsap)

        • Haha… yeah, trying to be in 100 places at once!

          I like the Curry-Milsap side of that deal. I feel like things for Milsap can only better from here on our — possibly moved? — whereas with Cousins I just don’t see him turning the corner. I think it’s going to be another year with Keith Smart only giving him 30 minutes per game — for whatever reason — which limits his upside.

          Of course, when healthy Curry provides a ton of fantasy production, and he seems to be about as healthy as we’ve seen him in a while. (hopefully I didn’t jinx him!)

  2. Thoughts on Meeks going foward? I could drop Shved for him and I am not sure. It seems like Shved’s upside is high when he plays with Rubio and he is very skilled. Would you drop Shved for Meeks? I am in an 11-cat h2h league that adds fgm and ftm. Thanks

    • I would hold onto Shved. I know Meeks has been playing well lately, and with the Lakers needing a spark off the bench he’s been perfect for them, but I don’t think he has the same upside as Shved or as good of a long-term value. I would hold.

        • I can’t give you insider information, since, well, I don’t have any… but i can talk about numbers and value. Sure, why not!

          • well can you email me and bubbly as soon as you hear about a trade or something? haha. We wont tell, i swear Alvin Gentrys career.

          • We hear that the doghouse Kris Humphries is in is big enough to house the ethicless camera crew for your basic reality tv scam. True?

  3. Thanks Tom. I read that he might be moving into the starting lineup, so I started questioning my judgement. What are your thoughts on Calderon going forward? Is he worth targeting in a trade with the comments from Casey about “retaining his job”, Lowry’s injury risk and the possibility for a trade? Would you give up someone with mid-round upside for him? Trade Mullens for him?

    • I like Calderon. And you’re right, with the comments this morning it’s likely that he’ll continue to play decent minutes. Calderon is an efficient per-minute guy, so you’ll get value from him even when Lory returns. I would move Mullens for him as a need — if you need steals and assists, mainly.

    • when Lowry returns i believe that Calderon will still play 28-32 minutes on most nights. At least for a while. He is definitely worth targeting and i would trade Mullens for him.

  4. Since we are 1/3 of the way done with the season, what type of advice do you have in general for a team without any big needs? I have a good bench, which when healthy will mean I sit Kawhi, Mullens, Shved and McGee most weeks. Would you hold on to depth for injury and weekly match-ups, or look to move some of it for an upgrade? I have been looking to make trades, but have been reluctant to pull the trigger because I don’t have a great need. For instance, I decided to not trade Iggy and Jennings for Westbrook even though he offers elite value. I also have Jrue and Kyrie, so pg need is not a particularly week area. Any advice?

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  6. Call me bubbly.

    ….and there was no left but I to tell the tales of the shaq/alvin robertson fight, the Harper trade, dorrell wright’s amazing year, how the sky blue nuggets uniforms make me feel childlike, how growing up the only atheists we knew about were Gore Vidal and bill laimbeer…only bubbly

  7. Hey bubbly,

    The boys im guessing spending time with their families.


    Would you give up durant for love and curry?

    7 team 8 cat league, im second place, need threes and assists bad. rebounds would help so i could get to the top……..

    Jeff has always said, kitchen sink for durant, well curry is second only to paul at the moment, he is in a contract year so we know how players play in those years and love should come right now….


    • Yes. I would move Durant for love and curry (underrated Indian movie btw). It is a close call and Love has been disappointing but Curry is worth his weight in gold.

  8. In a 10 team 9 cat H2H league, I’m slightly up in every category this week, except TOs and BLKs, and I’m tied in steals. I might have to punt BLKS, as it’s 10-3 him, right now. Anyway, here are the choices I have:
    L. Sanders SA P. Millsap MIN S. Marion @MIA M. Conley @BOS J. Thompson @CLE E. Okafor @IND
    Conley would normally be a no-brainer, but he’s been shitty his last 10 games. The same with MIllsap. And I’m not sure if Sanders really has value against the Spurs. Who ya got?

    • I am not certain of your question Daniel, but if I understand I would go Conley, Millsap, Sanders, Thompson, Okafor. Yes. Conley has gone through a rough spot. New Year!

      • Sorry, I have 2 UTIL spots open and all of the aforementioned are options to start. Conley and Milsap are the two big names, but they haven’t been doing well as of late. I was trying to see who you guys would start.

  9. Yes. I would still go with Conley and Millsap. Sanders poor ft is a real hazard. I know both have underperformed but they are better options!

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