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  1. Leading off… :(

    Sorry to see the news, but glad you chaps are doing well in other facets of your “real” lives. We can’t always have all the fun we want. Sometimes it’s down to business.

  2. Hey guys,

    My first season reading your blogs etc, been great help. I’ll miss the sound advice of not trading Kevin durant etc.

    I wish you all the best and if i had twitter id follow the shit out of you guys..

    I’m guessing next year you will only do a couple teams yourselves? I mean i’m doing three teams and it so time consuming! haha.

    Thanks again and all the best for the future. I’m currently saving up to come over to the states again. I need to watch more than one nba game live before i turn 30.

    • Say team, how about a sendoff tonight here at 10pm est? We can exchange info and discuss where to hustle off next to. CU THEN

    • hahhaah^^^^ serge ibaka with no blocks is like a girl passing out at a college party and ending up with more clothes on.

      I hate brook lopez mostly, as because he is on my rivals team…

    • yeh what do you think is going to happen with lowry/calderon? i own calderon, worth holding on to? i mean im in a 7 team league roto so things are tough re who to play. I think he will be traded with bargani.

  3. well we have 15 spots on our rosters, 10 starters 5 bench. So looking at next week i should play chandler over him? 3 games cald vs 4 games chandler but i need assists and 3pm. Im really torn, playing the best player vs what i need……1st world problems..

  4. Oh let’s not talk about decadence and what is actually happening onthis rock. Jeff will go Lazarus and ban us both still! Chandler Parsons?

  5. He is getting heavy mins but i find him way too inconsistent. He shoots threes and points, and gets you a steal and a half. If i owned him id bench him at the moment but im in a shallow league.

    • my sleepers this year were vucevic (paying off nicely right now!) and favours. Im checking google everyday to see if milsap has been traded as when that happens favours turns into starting pf and his stats at 22 mins are insane imagine the dude with 35 mins. Thoughts?

  6. Also a Vucevic manager. 11th round gold! I think it is perilous to expect anyone will be traded. Way not sold on favours, but can’t deny the upside either.
    Well, I’m crashing out brother jared! If all else fails look for me here again next Fri night!

  7. Hey bubbly,

    I have been on holiday for three weeks. I miss being on holiday. haha.

    How was the holiday period?

    Got a question for you bubbly..

    I have been offered noah for smith. Now they possess similar stats but i like noahs ft% and assists. Smiths ft% is killing me, i am second place in my league and need a solid ft% and blocks to overtake the guy above me. Winner gets $500 cash.

    I lose a few ppg but gain a far better ft% etc. What do you think?

    Go for it?

    • Get Noah! JSmooth’s %’s are a killer! I like Noah going forward. If anything, try to sneak a little better 2nd player in the trade…Noah is stress free as JSmooth’s %’s can make you angry:D


      • Hey M, well i held out and declined his offer and he came back with a better offer, ryan anderson and noah for smith. Accept. I really have traded well this year. It seems to be my superpower.

        1. lebron for me getting durant.
        2. parker and thorton for me getting irving
        3. zbo for josh smith
        4.george hill for vucevic and mayo (yes i got those two) haha
        5. monroe and thompson for varejo (bad trade for me, varejo played 5 games and got injured) haha oh well
        6. Smith for noah and anderson.

        Overall im pretty happy. Sitting 1st at the moment but its so close in our league. We all put in $100 nzd, winner gets $500 and then split the rest etc..

  8. Question:

    What team do you like better?
    Jrue Holiday(Phi – PG)
    Nicolas Batum(Por – SG,SF)
    Russell Westbrook(OKC – PG)
    Chandler Parsons(Hou – SF,PF)
    Ersan Ilyasova(Mil – PF)
    Carl Landry(GS – SF,PF)
    Brook Lopez(Bkn – C)
    Tristan Thompson(Cle – PF,C)
    Isaiah Thomas(Sac – PG)
    Wilson Chandler(Den – SG,SF)
    Kevin Love(Min – PF,C)
    DeAndre Jordan(LAC – C)
    Spencer Hawes (Phi – C)

    or (and this is who I’d be getting in a trade)

    Nicolas Batum(Por – SG,SF)
    Russell Westbrook(OKC – PG)
    James Harden(Hou – SG,SF)
    Ersan Ilyasova(Mil – PF)
    Carl Landry(GS – SF,PF)
    Kevin Seraphin(Was – C)
    Tristan Thompson(Cle – PF,C)
    Isaiah Thomas(Sac – PG)
    Wilson Chandler(Den – SG,SF)
    Kevin Love(Min – PF,C)
    DeAndre Jordan(LAC – C)
    Spencer Hawes (Phi – C)
    and an add from the wire! Bledsoe? Okafor? Mullens? etc

    The trade would be my Jrue Holiday/Brook Lopez/Chandler Parsons for his James Harden/Kevin Seraphin

    Thoughts? Am I giving too much for Harden or is it a worthwhile trade?


    • agreed with bubbly man. that wizards frontcourt is a mess. Noone is worth owning really. haha. you have three guys playing consistent mins. Team A bro

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